We use the latest cloud based technologies coupled with advanced machine learning algorithms to monitor and predict failures


  • Oracle Cloud’s managed Kubernetes clusters provide multi data centre resilience and scalability
  • Available with multiple deployment options:
  • On demand access to reporting output of the Bureau service with optional requests for specific test cases and customisations

  • Managed service monitoring deployment

  • On prem or cloud based dashboards

  • Hosted or customer site deployments of Q-PA devices


  • Reporting metrics are integrated with popular dashboards including Grafana with options for Kibana and New Relic
  • Alarm panel integrations with your on prem NOC’s alarming infrastructure as well as Grafana
  • Incident Response Management using Grafana On Call. On prem Grafana can be connected to cloud Grafana OnCall so that your data remains private whilst your incidents can be managed in the cloud as rapidly as possible
  • Core network trace data integrations can be activated when UEs trigger anomaly detection thresholds


  • We develop anomaly detection algorithms that will provide early warnings of potential outages and assist with live fault diagnosis