The Team

Chris Newman
Chris NewmanDirector
Chris is the lead technology developer who has been writing software since the age of eight and has been working with mobile networks and devices for more than twenty years, including twelve years at EE.

He has extensive mobile device expertise having developed software for the initial wave of Symbian and Blackberry devices followed by iOS and Android. He has been extracting useful data from Android devices since the G1.

He is a major Linux fan and has a collection of development skills that underpin Floor51’s software stack including Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, Docker and Kubernetes.

Phil Knight
Phil KnightDirector
Phil is a technology specialist with 25 years’ experience running development teams and delivering new products into the mobile market. Phil has worked with numerous clients advising on the core network and evolution of technology – how it can be deployed in support of innovative product developments particularly in the MVNO markets. He has also advised clients on the impact that emerging technology will have over the next few years on their current and planned businesses – with particular attention to potential new revenue streams. He also has aided clients in generating the necessary RFQ/RFI procurement documents; adjudicating through to a chosen vendor and through the necessary contractual negotiations both for equipment vendors and Mobile network operators as potential hosting partners for MVNOs. Phil has also authored several patents which have been submitted for granting. He formerly worked at BT, Cellnet, MPCN, T-Mobile and Everything Everywhere where his last role was as Director of Product Development, Engineering and where he was pivotal in the T-Mobile / Orange UK merger.
Neil Bath
Neil BathDirector

Neil is a Non Executive Director, Chairman and COO with board level experience and particular expertise in the Financial Services, Technology, Banking, Real Estate and Health Services.

At board level he drives business growth by leveraging his deep knowledge in corporate finance, M&A, compliance and regulatory function, turnaround management, designing and implementing re-organisation strategies, improving efficiency and delivering cost reductions. Board level highlights include: Non Executive Director at Goldwater Health Non Executive Director & Chairman at Routetrader and Chairman at Floor51 Ltd.

Neil is an FCA and holds a PhD from the University of Dundee.