Use Cases

Example Use Case – 1

Jon needed to do an overnight change and had 30 test cases to run for 3 different SIM profiles before the change was applied and after as a regression test. He used Q-Performance Regression to reduce manual user error, speed up the testing and provide a verified audit trail that the upgrade had been successful and all major traffic cases successfully handled.  In the case where there were errors, the system allowed Jon to review the detailed PCAP Traces and diagnose the likely error.


Example Use Case – 2

Paul needed to bring a new IMS into service – he used Q-Performance Monitor to capture anomalies such as CSFB caused by IMS errors not allowing the call to be handled by VoLTE.


Example Use Case – 3

Operator A had an outage and wanted to proactively monitor specific interconnects and so reduce the cost of discovering edge case anomalies that incurred a disproportionate and catastrophic impact on their network.  They used Q-Performance Monitor to continually test the failure rate on the interconnects in question which allowed them to become aware of failures in real-time and to determine the early warning signs of other failures.


Example – Use Case 4

Operator B needed to verify the availability of emergency service calls and used Q-Performance Monitor to routinely make test calls via various network routings to the emergency services centre and monitor the results.


Example Use Case – 5

Operator C required a system to test a wide variety of different voice and data sessions and to continuously monitor the success rates and quality of the data and voice calls.  The results were presented as real time alarms where appropriate and as a summary set of dashboards in other cases.  Detailed logs were provided to allow engineering staff rapid diagnostic information.